How Water-Free Products Will Help

The skincare industry has one critical problem at the moment. A lot of its products all contain one thing which doesn’t need to be there. Water. Now, a lot of you might be confused at this. We need water to survive, so why wouldn’t it help our skin? However, there’s a good reason why water should be removed from skincare products, because this change will aid the skincare industry and it's customers. Why Does Water Need To Go? If you look at the label on a lot of skincare products, they all have one thing in common. There’s a lot of water inside the ingredients list. In some cases, there’s up to 70% water inside the skincare product you’re using. The problem with this is that you’re working with too much water. The remaining 30% of the product is all the things which help the skin - clay, aloe Vera, and a whole host of other different oils which protect and restore the skin. This means that when you’re paying for these products, you’re basically just paying for water, and some helpful chemicals. From an environmental perspective, this is also highly damaging to the world around us. Water isn’t an infinite resource, with shortages being a cause for concern among big companies and environmental groups. All this water that we use is starting to dry up, and this means that there’s not going to be enough for the important things, like drinking. The demand and consumption of water has outpaced the supply, which is only ever bad news. So How Can Water-Free Products Benefit The Skincare Industry? There are many reasons why the skincare industry can benefit from using water free products. Obviously, you’re reducing the costs, as the price of water will eventually rise. Savings are something any company will appreciate. Furthermore, the products that you buy can actually be created to be more potent. Because nothing has been diluted down, the skincare product would be more effective and also probably a smaller size. They can also become powders and oils which activate upon use, as opposed to something which will have a 12 month shelf life and then be useless afterwards. Thankfully, some companies have already started to try and remove water from their skincare products. L’Oreal are one such example, promising to reduce their intake of water by 60% per unit, with the goal to have this standard in place for all finished products by 2020. Overall, the growth of a water-free skincare industry is definitely around the corner, and is good news for both consumers and companies. This world is so precious and there’s only a finite number of resources available. If we’ve reached the point where there’s a limited amount of water left, we know that something has to change. If skincare companies pledge to protect the environment as opposed to damaging it, we can keep the world more beautiful and healthy for longer. And that’s part of our role on this Earth too - making sure that the world we leave behind for our children is the kind of world we’d want to live in.  Our company strives to be a water free organisation too; we believe that the products we release don’t need to contain vast amounts of water in order to be highly appealing to you as customers!

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