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In the summer of 2017, I was admitted to hospital. I couldn’t breathe properly – later I found out I had been living with Asthma. I had to take time out to recover, which meant time away from my young family and my career in banking. This time proved to be valuable, as I was able to reflect on how I had gotten to where I was and learn about my recently diagnosed condition. I quickly realized that my Asthma was connected to my lifestyle, largely to pollution and environmental stressors. I quickly decided that I wanted to follow a natural lifestyle – eating clean and using only the highest quality natural ingredients on my skin. Today we are all in such a hurry we are just looking for a quick fix. I was guilty of this, paying little attention to what I was putting on my skin and the affect that was having. Given the fact I am the Granddaughter of a herbalist I learnt the secrets of hundreds of years of traditional Caribbean medicinal knowledge. I’ve always been passionate about natural remedies, even creating bespoke formulations since I was a child for myself and my family. My health scare was just the start of my journey. Although born in the England, I have drawn inspiration from my Caribbean heritage and made it my mission to provide my skin with only the best natural ingredients. Today, I enable you to do the same...

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